Cameron the Whore

Conservative leader David Cameron promises "I will banish extremists from Britain," according to a Jewish Chronicle online headline, going on to say that his party "...would never ally with a party we believed to be antisemitic, led by antisemites or with links to the far right."

I wonder if this means the Tories' European friends from Prawo i Sprawiedliwość and Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK, the latter being the party notorious for including members who attend events celebrating the Waffen-SS? Both are members of the EU European Conservatives and Reformists, a group which the UK Conservatives have also joined under Cameron's leadership despite controversy and alarm among those members of his own party who don't wish to be associated with the extreme right.

"Honey, if you vote for me I'll do anything you want!"

Oh, David. We know there's a General Election just around the corner and you're desperate for votes now your lead in the opinion polls has slipped so much, but you're so transparent we can see right through your attempt to persuade British Jews to tick your party's box at the ballot box - it's not the first time you've made it obvious you'll say anything necessary to get a vote, either, because you did the same thing when you tried to attract the so-called pink vote not too long ago. Perhaps if your actions backed up your words it'd be a different matter, but if you associate with blatant antisemites people are going to assume you're one too.

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