BNP to LibDems? WTF?

Not too far from Acid Rabbi Towers is a house that, during the European Elections last year, had a BNP poster displayed in its window. Mrs. Rabbi, who walks past the house daily, regularly sees the man who lives there and so we know for a fact that the man who put up the BNP poster is still living there.

Today I walked past and guess what? He has a big Liberal Democrat poster on display. Explain that if you can.

We have no BNP candidate standing here, so he wouldn't have been able to vote for them anyway - but nevertheless, if you have any belief in the BNP and their extreme right wing policies, you're unlikely to pick the central left LibDems as an alternative so what could possibly have caused such a seismic shift in one man's opinions?

If it was Nick Clegg's performance in last week's Leaders' Debate, then Mr. Clegg can be assured he achieved something in this election even if he's not the Prime Minister by May the 7th because convincing even one individual not to vote for the fascists is worthy of praise.

One thing that does still concern us is that the ex-BNP supporter also has a Status Quo poster in his window (which seems a peculiar mix). While opposing everything the BNP say and do, we respect the right of each member of the electorate in this democratic nation to support any political party they choose - but try as we might, we can see no excuse whatsoever for liking Quo.

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