Give a dog a bad name...trouble oop t'Immigration Centre

As any teacher with half a brain will tell you, all children start off as good kids and all good kids do something naughty once in a while (the infamous PVA glue in the school milk incident of 1979 being one example from my own childhood). If, following chastisement, that child is treated no differently to his or her peers, the child will continue being what he or she was previously - a normal kid. However, if adults then mark the child out as a bad kid, he or she gains a reputation and begin living up to it. Over time, the reputation gets worse and worse and - eventually - what you end up with is a juvenile delinquent who in all too many cases is destined for a life of anti-social behaviour and crime.

Immigrants enjoying their stay at Oakington, which is kind of like Butlins only guests are treated as criminals and kept locked up behind barbed wire.
Image from UK Indymedia

Recently, at the Oakington Illegal Prison...sorry, I mean Immigrant Detainment Centre near Cambridge, trouble broke out after one detainee died at the facility. While the death is not being treated as suspicious, inmates used the situation as an opportunity to protest. Around 60 detainees were involved and, according to the Home Office, "a number of ringleaders have been removed" from the Centre.

Six Immigration officers and one police officer were injured during the trouble on Thursday. Why did the inmates turn to violence? It's statistically unlikely that all 60 of them are normally violent people and many of them have probably never committed an offence in their lives apart from entering or staying in Britain illegally, either to escape their homeland where they may face persecution or simply because - like any human being - they wish to improve their lives and make something of themselves. Treat a child like a bad kid and he or she will feel they have something to live up to. Adults are not so different to children.

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