Those evil Israelis - shocking what they put Gaza through

Israel's foreign policy - especially with reference to Gaza which is said to be a virtual prison state where the population lives in abject misery due to the evil Jewish state - is once again in the news following the latest Israel Defense Force actions in the Palestinian nation.

An IDF soldier directs one of the 637 truckloads into Gaza

As part of its ongoing COGAT operation, large numbers of IDF forces entered the region - and distributed 637 truckloads of humanitarian aid, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post. The aid, weighing some 14,069 tons, included four trucks loaded with medicine and medical equipment, 897 tons of cooking gas, hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel, 148 truckloads of food, 21 truckloads of formula milk and baby food, 38 truckloads of clothing and shoes, 117 truckloads of animal food and 37 truckloads of hygiene equipment. In addition to this, 781 people requiring medical treatment were allowed to enter Israel so that they can be treated in the country's modern and well-equipped hospitals.

30-40 Palestinians homes were bulldozed in Gaza. Guess who drove the bulldozers?

Meanwhile, over in the southern Gaza town of Rafah, Hamas police armed with clubs beat and evicted residents before bulldozers moved in to destroy their homes, says the Palestinian Telegraph. Hamas rulers claim the buildings, believed to number between 30 and 40 in total, had been illegally constructed on government land. 56-year-old Nazira Abu Jaba says that veiled police women beat her family with clubs until they had no option but to leave their home. "Neighbours help us get by with charity," she says, "we can't afford to build again."

Issa Nashar, mayor of Rafah, has promised those made homeless alternative housing; but Gaza's housing minister Yousef Al-Mansi says that he has no information on such housing. More demolitions are expected next week.

It would appear things are not quite as clear-cut as the British media would have us believe, wouldn't it?

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  1. This is good information. Certainly there are decent, peace-loving muslims in Gaza, but they are surrounded by "The Others." It is a curious thing that the world is so willing to blame the Jews, regardless of who is really responsible.