Twelve points from Griffindor!

According to the BBC, the British National Party have lost all twelve of the seats they previously held on Barking and Dagenham Council.

So stick that up your fat Nazi arse.

This is a clear message to the party and its leader Nick Griffin, who was
comprehensively defeated by Labour's Margaret Hodge (54.3% to 14.6%) in this constituency where he hoped to find sufficient support to enable him to take the BNP's first Parliamentary seat, that they are not wanted by the British people.

It's also more proof that, anywhere people fall for all the lies and give the BNP any sort of power, they rapidly discover the truth and waste no time in getting rid of them as soon as they possibly can.

Will Nick and the BNP finally realise they're destined to always be a marginal party, supported by nutters and loathed by the majority? Will they, as a result, crawl back under the stone where they rightfully belong? I doubt it - but this confirmation gives the rest of us reason to be cheerful.

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