Dead Mouse Found In Bread

Mr. Forse, of Oxfordshire, thought at first the dough from which his bread had been made had not been mixed properly, leading to a slightly misshapen lump of discoloured dough. However, on closer inspection, the lump turned out to be a dead mouse.

He then contacted his local council, and environmental health officers visited his home and took the bread away, which in turn led to a court case in which the baker - the ironically-named Premier Foods - was fined £5,500 and just over £11,100 costs. Just before leaving, one of the officers informed Mr. Forse that the mouse's tail was missing.

Mouse sandwich, anyone?

Mr. Forse had already used a few slices to make sandwiches for his family. Had one of them unwittingly enjoyed a tasty mouse tail sarnie?

Who cares? Are we the only ones who are utterly dismayed that none of the news sources carrying the story make any mention of whether or not a post-portem was carried out on the rodent, just to set our minds at rest that poor Mousey fell dead into the bread tin and did not suffer a horrific fate being half-drowned in bread dough and then slowly baked to death?

That is the information that matters.

Mousey in happier times. His widow, Mrs. Mousey (pictured on the left), describes the incident as "a tragedy."


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