Anti-Israel protestors meet their match

The so-called pro-Palestine mob, still failing to see that since Israel donates vast amounts of humanitarian aid to Gaza and rehabilitates victims of Hamas' nasty little habit of throwing anyone who dares disagree with them off the roofs of high buildings means they and anyone else with any concerns for the wellbeing of the Palestinian people would be a lot wiser to support international trade with the Jewish state (after all, more trade=richer Israel. Richer Israel=even more aid to Gaza) have been keeping their silly heads busy of late by protesting outside the Covent Garden shop occupied by Israeli beauty product company Ahava and have been having a jolly old time waving their (usually lie-filled) placards and singing nasty songs.
However, on the 11th of September, they met their match in the singing stakes - a group of Israeli tourists entered the shop and then decided to join forces with the resident pro-Israeli crowd ( a crowd consisting of one - very brave, considering how outnumbered she was - woman with an Israeli flag.) They then began singing an assortment of Israeli songs, including Am Israel Chai. Unsurprisingly, the "pro-Palestinians" took issue with this. Their response, however, is slightly peculiar: they decided to yell "racist sum!" at the Israelis. Precisely how singing a song with a title meaning "the people of Israel live" makes one a racist is obscure - or quite possibly entirely nonsensical, many of the "pro-Palestinians" not being the brightest minds as already pointed out at the start of this post.
The "pro-Palestinian" lobby have had it all their own way for far too long, with too many people believing their biased version of events, selective retellings of reality and outright lies, so it's fantastic to see them drowned out for once.
More video and a considerably better write-up than this one at RichardMillet's Blog.


  1. This is a good post on anti isralers


  2. Anti Israel protesters have met their match,very nice to hear