Bloody (alien) immigrants!

Since all the MPs are enjoying their annual three month holiday...sorry, we mean opportunity to work in their constituencies without worrying about Parliamentary debates at the moment, many of you will no doubt be scanning the day's news for anything worth reading during that boring seven hour period when you're supposed to be working. There's not much today, so thank the News Gods (by which we categorically do not mean Rupert Murdoch) that the Ministry of Defence has just seen fit to release details on a whole load of alleged UFO sightings.

One of the records concerns a UFO witnessed in full daylight in 1994. Hovering over a stage. At Glastonbury Festival.


According to the BBC, Lord Hill-Norton wrote to Michael Heseltine about the so-called Rendlesham Incident, when several people at a Suffolk USAF base saw strange lights in nearby woodland; an event later covered and, it seems, embellished somewhat by various writers - including famous UFO researcher Jenny Randles - who before long had added enough gumpf to the story for it to become known as Britain's Roswell. In 2003, an ex-US Security policeman who had been employed at the base admitted that he and another man had faked the incident using torches and a loudspeaker - it is notable that all those (witnesses and writers) who claimed to have seen a craft of some description have been keeping unusually quiet on the subject ever since.

Lord Hill-Norton's letter states that the incident raises two concerns. The first was the possibility that an unknown aircraft entered British airspace with impunity. The second was the possibility that several US military staff from the base were capable of making what he called a "serious misperception."

We wonder how many employees of the USAF and other military branches voted for George W. Bush when he was competing for his second term in office? Because let's face it - if you can believe that was a wise thing to do despite the contrary evidence, you must be capable of some pretty massive misperceptions.

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