Dark Lord Mandelson faces op

Peter Mandelson, the man whose career would not die, has been admitted to hospital for an operation to remedy what is said to be a "benign condition of the prostate."

Get well soon, Lord Peter!
(adapted from an original image at Wikipedia, used in accordance with Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license)

Hopefully, none of our readers were expecting us to be nasty about this - seriously, what do you take us for? We've not been too kind to him on this blog (and we still won't be, because he's a nasty, slimy, self-serving little git) but hey - the man's ill. We'd feel bad if something went wrong, and we wished Mrs. Thatcher well when she broke her arm recently - Mandelson's pretty harmless in comparison. It'd be horrible if the anaesthetist messed up or something.

Benign growth of the prostate is very common amongst men of Archimandrite Mandelson's age (55), but treatment is not always necessary (especially if you're working class and don't have private medical insurance, we should think, both of which are unlikely to apply in this case), and symptoms - such as difficulty passing urine - are usually mild.

While the surgeon's poking about up there, perhaps he could have a quick look up the man's jacksie too? We realise this will be a highly unpleasant task but it seems difficulty in passing urine isn't the only problem he's been having, because he's brimful of shit too.

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