Thatcher breaks her arm

Lady Thatcher has suffered a fall at her home, resulting in hospitalisation for a broken arm. She is said to be recovering well but will remain in London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for 24 hours under observation.

We mean it sincerely, Mrs. Thatcher. A large part of the country is still recovering from your regime, but we're far too nice to hold that against you, so please accept out best wishes.

Acid Rabbi wishes her well - no really, we do. Laughing at an 83 year old woman's misfortune would be a horrible thing to do - almost as horrible as...hmm...abolishing free, nutritious school meals for children from poor backgrounds, or being good mates with a mass murderer like Pinochet, or...there's so many things we could mention - so we won't. If only it'd happened 25 years ago - we'd have laughed our heads off then.

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