Acid Quickie - Thatcher's Personal Notes

Thatcher - with some eggs. Look, it's Sunday morning. We can't think of anything better.

The recent publication of ex-PM Margaret Thatcher's personal notes has turned up some interesting facts'n'figures. We hear, for example, that prior to her historic election win back in 1979 she religiously stuck to a high protein diet that included 28 eggs per week. Oy vey - that makes the idea of finding oneself under the Thatcher bedclothes an even more horrendous prospect - no wonder the poor old sod had to turn to the G&Ts.

Thankfully for Sir-to-be Denis' misfortunate nose, his good lady wife was able to give up the eggs following her election win as it placed her in a position to satisfy all of her protein needs by sucking the blood out of the country and its working class for the next eleven and a half years.

Other striking news, such as whether it's true that Maggie slept in a coffin filled with Lincolnshire soil, just as soon as we make it up.

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