Acid Rabbi welcomes Grant Shapps

Deciding to have a rare look at our e-mail inbox (acidrabbi@yahoo.co.uk, if you were wondering where to send the offers of money/first-born/death threats) reveals that we have our first Parliamentary follower on Twitter: Grant Shapps (pictured right), Conservative representative for Welwyn Hatfield in Hertfordshire. Mr. Shapps, we would like to add, evidently thinks that the 20 or so miles between his constituency and London is a sufficiently short distance for him to travel to work, and as such he doesn't have a second home even though he'd be entitled to one under Parliamentary rules.

Anyone who has read this blog in any depth will be well aware that we are no fans of the Tories (nor any other party, for that matter) but a quick look at what Wikipedia has to say about the man reveals his efforts to help Britain's homeless - he even went so far as to sleep rough on Christmas Eve 2007 to highlight the fact that there are 130,000 homeless children in England. With that in mind, we are pleased to welcome him whatever his political persuasion.

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