Should the Dispatches Box be fitted with a lie detection machine?

We Must Be Heard, a regular poster over on the Sky News discussion boards, asks:

"There is plenty of Ministers being accused of untruths in the House of Conmen. Could this be averted, if the Box that Brown keeps thumping was wired to flash if a lie is told?"

Nice idea. But Acid Rabbi foresees one problem - if the machine was set to sound an alarm or flash every time it detected a porky, it'd use so much electricity we'd need about 50 new nuclear power stations just to keep it running.

However, we think it's an idea with potential. We suggest that, since "dispatch" can also mean "kill without delay" or "murder: kill intentionally and with premeditation", how about if we had a special hotline and if enough of us rang it - say 51% of the UK population - the PM received a shock of 10 million volts killing him/her instantly? If you did it during a well-attended debate, when the Cabinet are packed onto the front bench, you could probably get most of 'em. That's what we call real Parliamentary reform!

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