Photography: not illegal

Following recent concerns that police have been using anti-terror laws to harrass people taking photographs - especially if they're photographing officers, which is something that really annoys them - the Metropolitan service has been issued with new guidelines reminding them that using a camera in a public place is not in fact a crime.

Many officers really, really hate having the picture taken. So make sure you take lots.
Image by Terry, taken from Wikipedia, used in accordance with Creative CommonsAttribution 2.0 license.

According to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000, it is an offence to collect or make "a record of information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism" or to possess "a document or record containing information of that kind," but it does not form a ban on photography of any kind.

The guidelines are thought to include a reminder that the public do not need a license to take photographs, and officers cannot legally prevent them from doing so even if it's them being photographed. However, they can demand to look at pictures on a digital camera or mobile phone to check whether or not they could be deemed useful to a terrorist, so be careful when taking detailed pictures of public and government buildings. - tourists might want to strategically get a finger in the way when taking a snap of their family standing outside Parliament.

Acid Rabbi tried to get a job with Al Qaeda last week, but was turned down due to not owning the necessary white Ford Transit. Apparently, their equal opportunities scheme doesn't extend to Jewish people anyway.

Professional gardeners who own mobile phones, carry a camera to take pictures of their work and have just nipped down to the local garden centre in the Transit to buy some fertiliser - possession of these items indicating that the owner may be a terrorist, according to the rather ridiculous warning posters seen in many public places - will no doubt be very relieved to hear that in future they only need to stuff the phone, manure and van into their pockets if they notice an approaching copper.


  1. Great post..funny stuff. Get ready for the RFID next.

  2. It's coming. The legal requirement to prove we have the right to live in our own country...HMG are desperately in need of a reminder that this is indeed OUR country, not theirs, and that they are our servants. I'd say we can give them that reminder in June nexr year by voting for someone else, but the Tories and LibDems are no better. As for UKIP and so on...pah, may as well not bother at all.