Vive Bradley Wiggins!

With Andrew Murray out of Wimbledon, where can we look for a British sporting hero?

For the amazingly high percentage of the British population who are unaware, the sporting event that many consider the world's greatest started today - the
96th Tour de France. What's more, a Brit - 29 year-old Bradley Wiggins (19'51")from Chorley in Lancashire - has done really rather well, coming in third after Fabian Cancellara and Alberto Contador.

Allez, let's have a British tour winner this year!
Image credit: Adambro, taken from Wikipedia, used in accordance with Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 licenses.

It's far too early to make any predictions as to who might be awarded the winner's trophy in three weeks' time - predicting Tour winners is virtually impossible at any rate, since anything could happen to race favourites in the 3500 miles ahead - but let's hope that there's a Brit on the podium this year.

Vive Wiggins! Allez allez allez!

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