Blears to face no confidence vote

It looks as though we might be about to see the end of Hazel Blears' political career as she prepares to face a motion of no confidence in her Salford constituency after a poll carried out by Channel 4 revealed that two thirds of Labour members believe Prime Minister Gordon Brown should have sacked her prior to her controversial resignation from the Cabinet just before last week's elections, which has been seen as damaging to the party which then went on to achieve the lowest results in its history.

Ms. Blears has gone on record stating that "in hindsight that judgement was wrong. I should have waited until after the election. The effect on the party is something I will live with for ever." She also commented on the "rocking the boat" brooch she wore as she travelled back to Salford, putting it down to a lapse of reason that came after "four weeks of intense media pressure, the like of which I have never known." She had been in trouble with the PM after criticising his YouTube appearance in the Observer newspaper and, earlier this year, a poll of Labour's MPs showed that she was widely considered to be the worst performing Cabinet minister - just 56% said they thought she was doing a good job.

You could almost feel sorry for the poor little ginger munchkin, couldn't you? Almost. Perhaps a little bit more if it wasn't for the fact that - as we've already said today - she hadn't flipped her designated second home so that she could sell a property and make £45,000 profit, claiming expenses on three separate premises in the course of a single year; consistently claimed the maximum she was permitted or very near to it in expenses; spent the full £400 she's entitled to for food each month despite her rather reasonable Minister's salary and stayed in London's "most fashionable hotels" at our expense.

Good riddance.

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