Brons' wrongs

Andrew Brons, the MEP-elect for Yorkshire and The Humber who we've already talked about once today, will be able to buy himself as many nice new suits as he could ever wish for to go with his nice new job and he'll have no problems storing them - his cupboard is being well and truly vacated by a whole gang of skeletons. Brons is a classic example of the new, genteel face of the British National Party who claimed on Channel 4 News last night that he and his party "don't wish people to hate other races."

The BNP has been very keen on pretending it's not racist in recent years, ever since they finally realised that the vast majority of British people find racism abhorrent and refuse to vote for any organisation that espouses such policies, and have been successful enough to have persuaded quite a few people to tick their box at the polling stations - enough, when combined with the extremely low turn-out at last week's European election, to have got two BNP members seats in the European Parliament, in fact. But can we really trust a man who, in addition to the incidents already mentioned in the earlier article, also:

Claimed that racist idealogies have a scientific basis whilst giving lectures on racial nationalism when he was a National Front education officer?

Edited the NF magazine New Nation with Richard Verrall, the writer of Did Six Million Really Die?, a work that as its title suggests doubts the authenticity of claimed Jewish deaths during the Holocaust?

Said he was an ex-university lecturer, while in reality he worked at a secondary education college?

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