Egg on Griffin's face

Nick Griffin, accompanied as usual by several large men, has been pelted with eggs by anti-fascist campaigners who succeeded in preventing him from staging a BNP press conference outside the Houses of Parliament and forced his supporters to retreat - the BBC have a video which can be seen here.

Does that seem a little undemocratic to you? After all, the BNP contested last week's elections fairly and won two seats on the European Parliament in a fair, free vote. Shouldn't their leader be allowed to make his thoughts known, just as everyone should be in a democratic nation such as this one, without fear of being attacked?

Hmm. Mr. Griffin, of course, is not a democrat - he's a fascist. Fascists are not generally known for supporting free elections, nor the right to free speech. So you see, the campaigners were actually being nice to him and giving him exactly what he wants.

How nice of them!

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