Dodgy Git Of The Day

Once again, narrowing down today's Dodgy Git contenders to one single winner seemed an impossible task - there's just so many Dodgy Gits in UK politics right now.

Could it be Margaret Moran, who hasn't paid back a single penny of the £22,500 she claimed to treat the dry rot at her Southampton second home, a hundred miles from her Luton constituency? Could it even be the big man himself, Gordon Brown, for trying to gain our sympathy when he said the last few weeks have been the worst of his life? Or maybe either Elliot Morley or David Chaytor, the two highest-profile MPs to have "accidentally" benefitted when they overclaimed on the mortgages? We could even have chosen Ahmadinejad because although he's not a member of the British Parliament this is our blog and we can do what the hell we like with it.

So many people. In the end we decided it was in fact impossible and nearly decided to change the Dodgy Git of the Day Award to Dodgy Git of the Week so we wouldn't have to worry about it until next Friday. But then a thought hit us - MPs have been hard at work proposing a new spreadsheet that, in their opinion, should in future be used to publish expenses claims and which would prevent us from seeing the receipts they submit along with refused claims. The answer was staring us in the face - they're all Dodgy Gits!

So here you go - a nice .png trophy for each and every one of you!

Oh, and by the way - we've decided this will be weekly only from now on, so remember to log on on Friday at about 5 if you particularly care.

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