Stop Gary McKinnon's extradition

Gary McKinnon (pictured right), who suffers from the autistic condition Asperger Syndrome, has freely admitted that he is guilty of hacking into 97 U.S. military computers while looking for classified photographs of UFOs. He was traced because he used his own e-mail and contacted authorities alerting them to the weak spots in their security.

Edward Fitzgerald QC, McKinnon's lawyer, has stated that there is “clear, uncontradicted expert evidence” that extradition would be likely to cause his psychosis and even suicide as a result of his condition, adding that extradition would be “unnecessary, avoidable and disproportionate.”

Lawyers have fought a series of battles in an attempt to block the American Government's moves, but have been hampered by the unfair UK-US Extradition Treaty which has removed the necessity for the U.S. to provide prima facie evidence when requesting extradition of United Kingdom citizens.

Sign the petition to block his extradition here.

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