Shami Chakrabati on control orders

The director of the human rights organisation Liberty has spoken on the recent findings by the Law Lords that control orders - which can be used to prevent the subject from knowing details of evidence to be used against them in certain court cases, effectively making it impossible for them to launch a legal challenge - deny those subject to them their right to a fair trial.

Shami Chakrabarti, who has led the pressure group since 2003 and has a law degree from the LSE, says:

“If protecting the public is the top priority then Control Orders do not achieve it. Dangerous terrorists should not be in their living rooms but convicted and imprisoned. Innocent people should not be subjected to years and years of community punishment without trial. Control Orders are the worst of both worlds and the new Home Secretary should take this opportunity to learn from the mistakes of his predecessor."

Few people could have said it better.

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