More Probs for the Plod

Seems the Metropolitan Police are experiencing a little bit of unwanted bother again as in amongst the investigations into their allegedly heavy-handed (and quite possibly legally dubious) handling of the G20 protestors comes the news that six officers have been suspended after they were accused of torturing suspects following drugs raids in Enfield last year.

Scotland Yard is keeping schtum, but the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is known to be looking further into the allegations. It is believed - and is being reported by some websites and newspapers - that officers pushed suspects' heads into buckets of water. The claims were made by a police employee who reported concerns over officers' behaviour during an internal force investigation and has resulted in all six being suspended from duties pending further findings.

This is not the first time Enfield Police have been caught up in controversy - earlier this year, ten officers were suspended in an anti-corruption probe. Eight of them are still suspended - this figure includes the six now accused in this case after "the IPCC was briefed regarding the actions of police officers executing the specific warrant," according to a police spokesperson.

Well, politicians ripping us off left, right and centre and the police murdering passers-by, inciting people to violence and torturing people...Who can you trust these days, eh? Still - at least the police are answerable to the IPCC, so any problems can be dealt with. After all, it'd be madness to allow them to regulate their own activities and behaviour, wouldn't it - there'd be abuse and corruption all over the place? Which is precisely the case when it comes to MP's expenses.

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