McNulty 4th MP to resign

Tony McNulty, the MP for Harrow East, has become the fourth to resign in 24 hours following controversy over his expenses claims. McNulty had also sat in the Cabinet as Employment Minister until being replaced during Prime Minister Gordon Brown's deperate reshuffle today as he attempts to guarantee a future for himself as leader of the party.

Mr. McNulty - who is unable to commute 11 miles to work - buys a bus ticket to travel to the end of the street. We probably paid for it though, along with his suit, glasses, houses... Public domain image from Wikipedia

Police have been considering whether or not to investigate Mr. McNulty after a complaint was made that he had obtained "pecuniary advantage by deception," an allegation related to the £60,000 he claimed since 2002 to pay for maintenance at a house occupied by his parents. Under expenses rules, an MP is permitted to claim money to cover the costs of a second home occupied by themselves, not properties for family members or friends. However, since he is the legal owner of the property which lies within his constituency - a mere 11 miles from the House of Commons, which anyone could be forgiven for thinking is really quite a manageable distance to commute and as such wonder why he needs a second home at all - he was able to claim for it, despite the fact that he inhabits another property three miles away with his wife. He has also been forced to pay back more than £3000 which he over-claimed for mortgage interest and council tax.

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