Morley suspended from Labour Party after expenses row

Elliot Morley - the Scunthorpe scumbag MP who "forgot" to inform the Commons that his mortgage had been paid off, netting himself a cool £16,000 in the process as Acid Rabbi reported earlier today - has been suspended from the Labour Party. He is the second MP to relinquish his position, following Conservative Andrew MacKay's decision to resign as Parliamentary aide to David Cameron due to an "unacceptable" expenses claim.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, announcing the decision to suspend the Member during the launch of his party's European Election campaign, said that, "where there is irregularity now it has got to be dealt with immediately. Where standards have been transgressed and the evidence has been shown to be there, action has got to be taken," adding that he had made the decision due to the serious nature of the incident. He also stated that, "Where disciplinary action is necessary, it will and will immediately be taken."

So...who did put the cunt into Scunthorpe? We still don't know - but we know who took him out.

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