Few witches carry out traditional witchy magical activities in modern times,
having discovered they can make a much better living writing books on herbal
medicine and advertising mobile phone companies.

We watched a programme on the telly last night about witch hunting in Africa. Now, this is no laughing matter because the phenomenon has led to the brutal murder and horrific mutilation of thousands of people, including children so let's not beat about the bush and claim it's just a part of the culture in those areas where it takes place and which therefore should be respected - the people responsible for it are superstitious fools who are really no better than their medieval European counterparts. That, of course, will not prevent Acid Rabbi squeezing a joke out of it.

Thing is though, they really believe that their victims are witches and capable of all manner of witchy stuff such as summoning up evil spirits, turning people into animals and so forth. Does it not occur to them that, if someone really did have those powers, they'd be very unlikely to allow a witch hunter to get anywhere near them, let alone torture and execute them?

"I accuse you of being a witch, and you shall be put to death!"
"Can't argue with the first part...ALAKAZAM!"

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