Car ripped apart by mystery creature?

A North Carolina family has spoken of their fear after claiming a mystery animal ripped apart their SUV. Holly Gilliam, mother and owner of the vehicle, claims that the most worrying thing is that none of the family heard or saw anything.

The animal tore out the headlights and smashed up the bodywork. Then it made a load of muddy pawprints on the paint and fucked off. Hmm. Have a look at the video, which you can find on the news report by clicking this link.

Now that looks to me as though it'd make a lot of noise. I sleep deeply (due to having no conscience) but I reckon I'd wake up...unless, of course, I was unconscious due to having enjoyed a beer or twenty.

Picture this. You go out, have a few too many, drive your shiny new SUV into a wall and smash it up. It still works, so you drive home and fall into bed where you fall into a deathlike sleep for twelve hours. Waking up with the mother of all hangovers, you blearily look outside. WTF? My car!

Shit - what're you gonna do? No way the insurance is going to pay out if they know you were drink-driving, and you can't claim it was vandalised by the teenager down the road because the neighbours would have heard something. I know! Quick, before anyone else sees it, get the dog and press its paws on the body panels, then phone up the insurance agency and say a mystery animal did it! Genius - well, for a redneck, at any rate.

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