Brits "the angriest people in Europe"

According to a poll conducted by satellite television company Gold, the British are the angriest people in Europe and become irate four times every day. Various things particularly get our goat, including racist and bigoted behaviour which annoys 36% of us - well, it's a start, isn't it? Pity about those who find queue jumpers (48%) more likely to invoke our wrath than racism, but there you go.

Grr! Foreign call centres turned me into a baldy!

Acid Rabbi tends to find steam blasting from his ears rather a lot more often than this, particularly during the last week as we've discovered that our Parliament is more rotten than the apples in your local cornershop. 37% of people find foreign call centres to be especially irritating - personally, when I worked for a company that transferred its call centre to India, I found it a massive improvement. At least Indian people are easy to understand, unlike the staff in the old centre which was in North Yorkshire.

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