Milk ad "not racist"

An advertisement for Cravendale milk, which shows a black and white bull sliding down a chute as its black patches steadily vanish during a "purification process" has been deemed not racist by industry watchdogs.

The Advertising Standards Authority received 11 complaints about the commercial, which has been shown on television and on YouTube, where user Majestic9 says, "I think it is damn out of order, what are they trying to say? When the cow is all white that it is sane and when it has black spots on it, it's violent."

Erm...I think what they're saying is that milk should be white. Milk with black bits in it might be considered contaminated with something and not very appetising. If you don't like racism, concentrate on something like educating people on why they shouldn't vote BNP, not milk FFS.
Mmm. Cow juice. Yummy.


  1. While not as bad as the BNP, obviously, it's still a really poorly conceived advertising campaign! If you're going to have an anthropomorphic bull advertising your milk...don't imply that the black bits of the bull's hide are what make it aggressive! yikes...

  2. It's the crappest in the series so far, I'll give you that much. Pity really, I've rather liked them.