Most ridiculous expense claims

Acid Rabbi would like to apologise for the continual references to the Daily Telegraph, but feels it deserves a couple of weeks enjoying all this attention as it has been completely worthless and read only by inconsequential demi-fascists for all the rest of its 154 years. However, for a little light relief, they've come up with a list of what they call the 20 most bizarre examples of MP expenses claims so far. They say bizarre, we say piss-taking.

John Reid (Lab, Airdrie and Shotts) - £1.50 for an ice cube tray (You should have asked! I've got about ten of the things in the kitchen cupboard, you could have had one for nothing!)

Sian James (Lab, Swansea East) - 59p for a chocolate Father Christmas ("Hmm, I don't feel like paying 59p even though I get over 64 thousand quid a year - I'll charge it to the tax-payer. Merry Christmas, one and all!")

Alan Rosindell (Con, Romford) - £1.51 for jellied eels (FFS, mate - you've all had the chance to have whatever you want and get the tax-payer to cough up the cash for it. I'd have been eating truffles and caviar, even though I don't like them)

Margaret Beckett (Lab, Derby South) - £600 for hanging baskets (you've been well ripped off, Maggie. They're only a few quid in B&Q...or did you buy hundreds of them?)

Cheryl Gillan (Con, Chesham and Amersham)- £4.47 for dogfood. Acid Rabbi would not particularly object were he asked to finance a cat's diet, but not a dog's. ;-)

Nick Clegg (LibDem, Sheffield Hallam) - £1.19 for tealights (still, he's a LibDem. Probably needs them for his mediation or some other hippy nonsense.)

Steve Webb (LibDem, Northavon)- 99p for a feather duster. More than one, apparently. I'll bet he doesn't use them personally and we pay for his cleaner too.
Most MPs probably have little idea what a feather duster looks like, since they have cleaners (paid for by us) to look after all that sort of stuff. Here's an example for future reference.

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