The Airpod - a car powered by compressed air

French auto engineer Guy Negre had developed an emission-free car, called the Airpod, which runs on compressed air alone. The car is made of fibreglass and stores its "fuel" in a thermoplastic tank. Able to reach speeds as high as 30mph, the tank can be recharged either overnight or in 1 minute using a special high-pressure pump also invented by Negre and can travel up to 65 miles on a single refill. He is also developing a hybrid fuel version which he says will be able to achieve 100 mph and travel 900 miles on a single gallon of petrol. Deals have been signed to produce the car in the USA, Latin America, several European countries and - after a £30 million agreement with Tata - in India, but as of yet not in the United Kingdom. Probably because in this country you'd get bricks chucked at you by chavs for driving what looks like a cross between a PC mouse and a sellotape dispenser.

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  1. The idea that we could own cars that travel up to 30 mph and can be refueled in one minute is exceptional for a vehicle with such a small carbon footprint.

    Looking forward to reading more about this company's car models and capabilities in the months ahead.