"I might have promised you a rose garden" tra-la-la

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, stated publicly that although he had claimed £680 expenses to pay for a rose garden his intention was to later sell the property and pay any profit to the public purse.

"I've always said," he said, "well before these controversies: when I sell that home, the money, the profit, it all goes back to the taxpayer .... I will give it back." In doing so, he even managed to concoct a vaguely believable excuse, unlike all the other MPs who are currently scurrying around like chickens when the chicken shagger comes to town screeching, "Shit! They're onto us, lads - run for it!"

Now, Acid Rabbi - a lifelong LibDem voter, due to his belief that they're the least rotten apples in the barrel and that the vast majority of the population are just too stupid for anarchy to ever work - may have gone a bit easy on old Cleggy earlier today when reading his claims. Perhaps we gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking, "Hmm, yes, maybe he did say that. Can't remember when, but just maybe the Libs are come out of this not quite so coated in and full of shite as the others. Fingers crossed. Right then - it's 10.30am...pub?"

Of course, after two decades following British politics, we all should have known a lot better and remembered that they're all as bad as each other. It goes without saying that increasing the value of a property for such altruistic reasons would be an honourable action, especially as he could quite easily pocket the cash like some MPs have been doing.

Have the LibDems been shitting on us too? Yeah - 'course they have!

The Guardian has raised the point we didn't want to bring up though. Precisely when did Clegg say this? He claims it was several months ago, but you can't help but wonder if he's just another liar, trying his hardest to wriggle his nasty little way out of trouble.

Still, we've learned our lesson. Never, ever trust the bastards.

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