Prescott turns on, tunes in?

Acid Rabbi was amazed to turn on the news last night and discover that pugilistic ex-deputy PM and well-known Jaguar and pie enthusiast Johnny "Fat Cunt" Prescott had got down with the freaks, grown his hair and opened up his mind to the cosmic consciousness, maaaan. But stranger things have happened - look at Michael Portillo, who went from vaguely fascist to caring, sharing new man in the space of one popularity-boosting television programme. "Oy vey," I thought, "he'll be dropping tabs at Dreadzone gigs before we know it and swapping his Jags for some horrible old VW Kombi."

It turned out that, on closer inspection, I was mistaken. Prescott the Hippy turned out to in fact be Connie Culp, who this week became the first American recipient of a face transplant. Can't help but notice the French do it better - much like culture.

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