Hindu cannot have funeral pyre in UK

Devender Ghai, 70, is a Hindu spiritual leader from from Newcastle upon Tyne who has been campaigning hard to get traditional Hindu-style open-air cremations legalised in the UK (if he sounds familar, it's because we was in the news in 2006 when he organised and carried out just such a funeral, which, according to the 1930 Cremation Act is Not Allowed).

Northumbria Police
gave him the go-ahead that time, Newcastle City Council kicked up a fuss about it and denied him the right to carry out similar funerals, so he went to the High Court where his attempts to contest the act have not met with any success.

Acid Rabbi
can't help but agree with Mr. (Sri?) Ghai, and sees no reason why in a multicultural society which claims to have freedom of religion, Hindus can't be cremated however they wish. If we had a few designated sites dotted around the country in areas with a high Hindu population (ie; near London, somewhere along the banks of the Tyne and so on) and the practice was as strictly regulated as any other kind of cremation, would it really be such a problem?

Anyway, in the meantime - listen, Mr. Chai mate: I've got a massive great barbecue here. Pay me £2000 and I'll fire it up anytime you need it. ;-)

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