Tory does the decent thing shock

Conservative MP for Bracknell Andrew MacKay has had the decency to resign from his position as Parliamentary aide to David Cameron after the Tory leader said that all his MPs would be expected to be able to defend their expenses claims, despite having earlier told the GetBracknell local news that he had "checked through all my expense claims over the past four years and there is nothing that stands out – I am confident there is nothing unreasonable in there at all." Which sounds a bit ironic now.

Mr. Mackay also says that "Last year I was well down in the bottom third of MPs based on what I claimed and I am still determined to make more savings in the next financial year." He claimed £22,575 for his London home during 2008 and said that he was looking at ways to reduce costs.

However, following Cameron's demands that all Conservative MPs satisfactorily explain their expenses, he voluntarily submitted his claims to party officials and then stepped down due to what a Tory spokesman referred to as "an unacceptable situation that would not stand up to reasonable public scrutiny." He has also agreed to appear before a panel so that how much of the claim - or claims - should be paid back.

Mr. MacKay has not resigned as an MP, but his constituents will doubtless let him know what they think of him come the elections. He'll save us all a lot more money once he's voted out and has to pay his own way.

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