How Violent Are You?

Horizon, BBC2, 9pm Tues 12th May.

Micheal Portillo is, of course, keen to demonstrate to us all what a delightful sort of chap he is and how we were all wrong when we thought he was a horrible Tory arsehole. As has been the case with his previous efforts at presenting television programmes (
Death of a School Friend, How to Kill a Human Being and When Michael Portillo Became a Single Mum (hey, Tory MPs have done far weirder things than change sex), it looks rather as though he'll be using this one as yet another opportunity to show that he is, in fact, a caring, sensitive and all round really rather nice Tory arsehole.

However, in what is being called a diverting voyage of discovery, he asks the question: could he ever be sufficiently provoked as to cause him to violently lash out?

I think quite a few of us could, Mikey boy. Wouldn't take a lot of provocation, either. Just you, someone who takes an interest in UK politics, a dark alley and no witnesses. ;-)

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