I need to wash my brain after reading this...

30-year-old plumber Gavin Hyatt had had a small lump in his abdomen since birth. He'd had it checked out several times, but doctors were puzzled - some said it was an in-growing hair, others said it was a cyst. None of them seemed to think it particularly worrying, however, so Mr. Hyatt didn't think much of it.

Eventually, one doctor came up with the idea that it could be a parasitic twin which had died in the womb and become absorbed by Gavin's body - a rare but not unknown condition. If you think that's a bit gross, stop reading now.

He made an emergency appointment to get the lump removed, but at the last moment the operation was cancelled so he got back into his car and went home. Later on, he suddenly felt what he describes as a sharp stabbing pain near his belly button. Lifting his shirt, he saw the lump was emerging through his skin, causing him to bleed, so he immediately drove to his local surgery. Mr. Hyatt's GP Dr. Joe Santos, speaking to The Sun "newspaper" said, "It was like something from Alien. I didn't believe Gavin when he said something was coming out of his belly button until I saw him."

Gavin has kept Little Gav, as he calls him, and he now resides in a jar at Big Gav's home. "I haven't told many people. I feel like a bit of a freak," he says. Odd that he should choose to tell the UK's top-selling newspaper then.

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